HIIT Circuit Training
April 1 (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm

Online Class

Class length
45 minutes
Online AND In Studio
SUITABLE FOR: Everyone at any level of fitness who is interested in a full-body workout that will get your heart pumping and your body sweating! Exercises can be modified to suit all fitness levels; so whether you are just starting, trying to get back into it, or want to supplement your current fitness routine, this is for you.

PURPOSE: Circuit training is a full-body HIIT workout designed to tone muscle, build strength and increase your stamina. This class is similar to our "bootcamp series" which takes place every few months.

WHAT TO EXPECT: In each class we will move through a number of stations, each targeting different muscle groups or cardio exercises, in a HIIT format. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training where we mix short bursts of activity using TRX suspension ropes, free weights and cardio exercises with even shorter periods of rest. In just 45 mins you will work all your major muscle groups while raising your heart rate and having fun! No two workouts are the same so you will never get bored and your body is constantly challenged. The rounds are timed leaving you to work at your own pace. 

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