Partner Thai Yoga Massage Workshop
February 14 (Friday) at 6:00 pm

Class length
2 hours

Partner Thai Massage Virtual Workshop guided by Anna Morozova
Friday, May 22nd, 5:30 - 7:30PM RGN time (recording available for 48 hours)
2 class passes (this includes you and your partner). Free for unlimited pass holders. 

Along with a partner, loved one or housemate, Join Anna a fun and relaxing exploration into the basics of Thai Yoga Massage from the comfort of your own living room. In this partner-based workshop, you will be guided through a Thai Yoga Massage sequence and will have a chance to both give and to receive. Learn easy and effective hands-on tools to provide relief for the back, feet, shoulders and neck. Experience the power of touch to forge meaningful connections and healing intentions.

  • No experience necessary! All are welcome.   
  • This workshop is meant to be experienced with another person. We apologize in advance for those who are socially distancing alone.
  • You will need a small pillow or cushion, and a towel or blanket to lay on the floor (or your own bed!)
  • Wear light, comfortable clothing, preferably full-length pants and a long-sleeved shirt

About Thai Massage:
Through the application of rhythmic pressure on certain points and energy lines in the body and yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation, we can release blockages and restore energy to its natural flow. 

About Facilitator Anna Morozova: 
Anna is a yoga teacher, Thai massage practitioner and Shamanic Reiki Master based in Yangon. Anna was first introduced to Thai Yoga massage in 2011 at a dance studio in NYC where it was offered as a recovery therapy and bodywork practice for dancers. In 2012 she completed her Level I and II Thai massage training in NYC. Since then, she has continued to pursue studies in this ancient healing art, completing courses in Advanced Thai Yoga Massage, Dynamic Thai Massage and Osteothai. She is a graduate of Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai. Anna believes that Thai Yoga Massage is always a call for connection and sharing, with love and respect.

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